Qmatic will guarantee high efficiency while taking care of your customers

Implement innovative customer experience systems and smart queue management solutions to reduce waiting times, improve connection and customer satisfaction. All this while avoiding contact, lines and crowding in closed spaces.

Virtual assistance
Virtual ticket

that you can integrate with WhatsApp

Digital signage

to bring the brand closer to your customer

Solve current problems such as:

  • A secure and contactless customer journey.
  • Limit the number of people in the same space.
  • A more efficient user experience that generates connections.

There are endless benefits you get from incorporating a system like Qmatic, including:

  • Customer churn rate reduction.
  • Increased customer conversion.
  • Sales expense reduction.
  • Increase in unplanned purchases.
  • Higher employee productivity.
  • Savings in physical space.
  • Reduction of consulting expenses.
  • Smarter business decisions.
  • Higher staff retention.
  • Higher return on investment.

Prisma Technology Corporation is the only Premier solutions partner for Qmatic in Latin America.

Offer the Qmatic Cloud Solutions service to your client with the maximum potential!

When you choose Qmatic Cloud Solutions to be a fundamental piece in your business, you choose a perfect solution for your business and your client. You only have to select the functionality you need and you will have it in the blink of an eye, while your clients have the best experience.

Constant update for your business

One of the advantages of Qmatic Cloud Solutions is its ability to be constantly updated since it is in the cloud, so IT-related issues such as security, stability, system uptime and maintenance of the software will be under control and your customers will notice.

Take your business to the next level with Qmatic

You can tailor a solution to take care of your customers throughout the journey. A tour that can begin before they arrive at your facilities, and that can end after they are no longer there.

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When implementing Qmatic Cloud Solutions there are benefits waiting for you.

  • Ease of generating budgets in a short time

    Managing expenses for your clients will be much easier.

  • Low total cost of ownership

    Reduces costs as no time is needed for installation and maintenance.

  • All in just one product

    Hosting, maintenance, updates and support: everything is included in a single subscription.

Discover Qmatic Cloud Appointment

You can plan everything and ensure very short waiting times.

An easy, precise and safe way to make the entire journey of a client, even before reaching a physical point, much more personalized, interesting and that benefits both parties equally, allows you to anticipate the experience, including after he left and them to feel a unique connection to your business.

In these times, agility and the least amount of people in a place are the key, achieve it with Qmatic.

Self-service kiosks

Your own digital receptionist!

Remember that the first impression is the most important, so give your consumer the best impression.

The advantage of a digital kiosk is to control all the information that is provided to a consumer. You can choose from an easy-to-use Intro 5 kiosk to an intro 17.

Keep your staff well informed, give your consumer control from the moment they enter the facilities.

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Display and signage

Fight all the doubts of a client, remember that, when you give him the correct information, you can close a negotiation before starting

Present relevant messages and content that help your client perceive the information and waiting time in a different way. Help make the experience better with just content.

Qmatic te ofrece la posibilidad de cuidar el proceso y evitar que tu cliente sienta incertidumbre al llegar a tu negocio.

Qmatic offers you the possibility of taking care of the process and avoiding that your client feels uncertain when arriving at your business.

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Remote assistance

Deliver a completely virtual customer experience without losing the personal touch of an in-person visit to your organization.
  • Let your clients choose the appointment.
  • Notify them when the day of the appointment approaches.
  • Ensure they will be on time with notification just before the appointment.
  • When the time comes, send a notification along with a link for a video chat.
  • Once the appointment is made, continue the attention with messages or emails.
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Whatsapp Integration

WhatsApp virtual lines

Today’s customer needs current solutions, the best is the integration of virtual queues with WhatsApp, now they will be able to track their ticket from a familiar, reliable app that they already know.

The WhatsApp queue experience allows you to:

  • Contactless queue experience.
  • Conversation in real time.
  • Integration to digital signage for queue information.
  • Live queue status and notifications on WhatsApp.
  • Charts and reports.
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Qmatic Orchestra 7

Manage your client at all times

Qmatic Orchestra is the solution that integrates the entire experience, from appointment management to tour facilities.

With Orchestra 7 book appointments online. Once at your facility, you can choose to offer registration through a self-service kiosk, a reception, or provide both and let the customer decide which method to use.

  • Notify your staff and your client.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • Keep your client updated.
  • Displays.
  • Show relevant content on your facilities.

What you could be doing with QMatic right now

Useful applications for employees that optimize resources.

Service management systems to reduce waiting times, improve efficiency and income.

Appointment broker to match each visitor with the most suitable staff member.

Management and design of the customer experience.

Really connect Implement a fast and secure flow with virtual consultancies, video conferences.

Virtual queue with notices via mobile.

Digital Signage.

Measurement and analysis of customer opinions.

Attention through WhatsApp Integrate a queue flow in the most common application for your users.

"Qmatic helps us comply with new government regulations, required in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic" "With Qmatic, we reduce partner wait times and improve the service and image experience at the branch."

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