The health of your organization requires specialized attention

Given the strict regulations that currently govern the health field derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, the quality of the care it provides to its patients is directly reflected in its results.
  • Qmatic

    Customer journey management

    Implement work methods and processes to increase productivity.

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  • Ciberseguridad


    It adequately protects the private data of health beneficiaries and avoids serious effects.

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  • Id Biométrica

    Digital biometric identification

    Provides reliable access to information and the convenience that this represents.

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  • Geomarketing


    Find out who your potential patients are and apply geographic analysis techniques to discover where to find them.

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  • Localización

    Location of people and Assets

    Locate in real time in your facilities or outside of them the most valuable for your organization.

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Our technology solutions cover appointment management, communication, data analytics and opinions. The electronic collection and storage of health data gives patients the ability to update and submit their information from a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

Easy review of personal information, which keeps users interested and ensures that each individual is a key player in their own health plan.

"Qmatic helps us comply with new government regulations, required in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic" "With Qmatic, we reduce partner wait times and improve the service and image experience at the branch."

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