Where there were slow processes and frustrated employees, get productivity and a good work environment.

Use information to reduce errors and increase transparency, accountability, efficiency, and participation.
  • Qmatic

    Customer journey management

    Gather data about your users and monitor the way you are providing your services.

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  • Ciberseguridad


    Protect confidential data, personally identifiable information, and valuable information.

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  • Id biométrica

    Digital biometric identification

    Enable the modernization of public services and take a step towards efficiency.

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  • Geomarketing


    Improve the relationship with your audience by giving them the right message.

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  • Localización

    Location of people and Assets

    Defines the probability and impact of a specific hazard for any risk assessment strategy

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For public administrations, our technology solutions offer new ways to expand and promote relationships with people.

We help make the processes enjoyable for everyone, making the processes much more efficient and practical that can help citizens at all times.

"Qmatic helps us comply with new government regulations, required in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic" "With Qmatic, we reduce partner wait times and improve the service and image experience at the branch."

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