Prisma Technologies Corp (hereinafter “PTC“) is committed to operating with the highest level of excellence, honesty, fairness and integrity. It is the responsibility of all members of the PTC team (employees, independent professionals who provide services for PTC, members of the Board of Directors and Shareholders) to make decisions and take actions in complete harmony with the company’s commitment to these values. Likewise, the COO and the CFO have a special responsibility to guide with integrity, being the guarantor of compliance with this Code.

This code of business conduct and ethics (the “Code“) is designed to help you keep these values ​​in mind when doing business on behalf of PTC. By doing so, you will help ensure that we treat others as we do. would like to be treated, that we seek business opportunities in accordance with these values ​​and that our actions meet the highest levels of public scrutiny and review of ethical aspects.

Please note that PTC considers any violation of the Code a serious misconduct and, in accordance with applicable law, conditions your employment and permanence based on continued compliance with the Code. As a member of the PTC team, it is also your responsibility to report any possible violation of the Code by someone else. This is not an act of disloyalty, but rather proof of your commitment to protecting and preserving PTC’s culture of trust and business ethics.

Before making a decision, you must anticipate how your behavior may be perceived, therefore, in those conflictive situations or with an ethical dilemma that may arise and that you consider are not contemplated in the Code, you must always use your common sense and good judgement. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following:

  1. Would my behavior be consistent with the Guiding Principles and PTC Values?
  2. Would my behavior be in accordance with the spirit of this Code?
  3. Could my behavior even create a sense of dishonesty or embarrass the Company?

If you are still unsure of what to do next, contact your supervisor or the PTC legal department to help you make the right decision. Employees outside the United States are required to avoid conduct that is prohibited by this Code, even if such conduct may be legal or acceptable in their country.